Can you drive a stick I wanna know I'll be your car

Mustaschlänkar för herr J:
  • Brendon Flowers säger om ansiktshåret han hade vid tiden för Sam's Town:
    "I thought you guys liked that stuff! Although we do go have dinner with Elton [John] whenever he’s in town, and every time I walked in the door he would say, “You haven’t shaved that off yet?” I felt more comfortable with facial hair; it’s almost like a mask. Whenever I shave, I save the hair. I’ve got it in a bag, and I’m planning to send it with the new album to [Pet Shop Boys singer] Neil Tennant. " [från the Advocate]
  • [Här] är George Clooney i något som Perez kallar för pornstache.
  • Och slutligen [här] en ode till mustaschen samt förklaring till varför en annan snubbe valt att skaffa sig mustasch.
This subject line was brought to you in association with Pharrell Williams - Baby (feat. Nelly)

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