I used to believe what I read, so now I know that others will believe that it’s true.

Jag har inget att säga just nu, så istället länkar jag till tre oerhört seriösa saker jag läste om igår.
  • "Dinosaurs helped build the pyramids, school director says (...) This is the word of Vince Fenech, Evangelist pastor and director of a fully licensed, State-approved Creationist institution which admits children aged between four and 18." [läs artikel här]
  • "Owners of obese cats can't see how fat their cats really are. Also, unlike the owners of fat dogs, owners of fat cats tended not to be overweight themselves." [läs denna och andra artiklar om människo-katt psykologiforskning här]
  • (a) "West Virginia man may be the first defendant to ever be charged with passing gas in the face of a law enforcement officer (...) "The gas," the complaint notes, "was very odorous and created contact of an insulting or provoking nature with Ptlm. Parsons."" [artikel här]
This subject line was brought to you in association with The Streets - When You Wasn't Famous

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